Tuesday, June 10

...you are actually quite gorgeous

So probably the most chill exam day of my life..
Yada yada, no more chem & eng11 for the rest of my (highschool) liiiiife yo PEACE! Oh man and it rained today (L)...like the Philippines!! Dude, I was so happy, my day could not have been anymore perfect: Walking to the bustop/getting off the bus with my broken umbrella that managed to snap in half(?), wet socks, broken school flats, my oversized zip up practically drenched because of the lack of shelter, my chai steamed milk muthasuckas, an oven-heated white macadamian nut cookie...(L) x 6397873576. My perfect day. To top it off, Twilight is now officially my favorite book (my bad The Kiterunner...).

Edit - June 30, 2008
HAHA! How baks am i. Crazy ass book, but not a crazy ass writer? haha? I'll be back later

Edit - July 17, 2008
Yeah, guess I'm still a sucker:$ Read all three, the last one being the most lacking. They're actually, not as crazily written as a lot of the obsessive girls say it is, maybe cus the book's so hype now? Still, I dream.