Monday, March 31

...inspirfrickenration. Yeah, I've probably watched this about a billion times now but zomg wowowow.

this past weekend was kiiiiller yo. Move'08 was dope man and the freaking workshop; cotdamn Ate Cookie props for hooking that up. Steve Bolton you're nuts man. The things you drew attention to in and out of your class today are things I'll aaalways take with me. S'not everyday you hear things that are of this much value; ahhhh I'm still so speechless man! Frick! A good kind of speechless, obvi haha. I guess being as independent as I am can be a burden and can do nothing but hold you back. Ooooohwee that's pretty big of me to say to be real. So bad, aha:S

In ways I really have lost my inspiration even though I know exactly what I want right now. Funny how that turns out, huh? I don't know, everything's so muttled up in my head right now. For now though, Aimee Lucas you're my idol. & you're freaking hot too. Hahahaha shooooot mans

Tuesday, March 25

aww man, the most chill day ever; an "i-wish-everyday-were-like-this-kind-of-day" (L)
open studio at justin's. Shiiiet, might as well have been a workshop yo! JP's and Jerome's piecees were siiick, they're insane yo. Headed to work to pick up tips so that me tin mar jp jerome kylie and justin ray could go to the moooobies!! $10 yeye=) went to metro.. cotdamn yo, justin.. you're freaking hilaaarious man HAHAHA!! all the busrides everywhere, trouble trouble trouble hahahaha oh man we were so freaking loud hahahaha! mall ratted a little only to find that our movie wasn't even playing anyway haha. so much heat for me in AA:$. . . . . . so headed to blockbuster then ming's. eff yo, "haballoween": the most messed up shit i've ever seen. this is why i'm up right now oh man, for once i'm too scared to sleep! lllooolllll.

now, gotta head back to reality. forreal though man, thank you Lord Jesus for the most chill day ever. I haven't enjoyed myself this much in so long...HAHAHA! for once as well, i don't want srping break to end:(:( cus this time, i didn't waste it=)=

Friday, March 21

Tuesday, March 18

@#%^*)#%$(@#$!_%(!%_#(!_+$!@$'re keeping me from things things not natural to all beings, things that are important to me. How can you just sit there paying no piece of mind but yet at the same time objectify ruthlessly to what makes up my very soul? I'll cange the world one day & you will not be part of it. Thanks for a billion nothings, once again.

Friday, March 14

...I think today marks history, Jippee I've missed you so much! You're my hero JP, & I can never stress those words enough. I'm honestly like you're number 1 fan, forreal. Aaaand you're never going to see this, yaaayyy!!!! Because this is too corny for my liking, the eff I never talk all honest and sh/t like this, haha! Forreal though. Yeah that's all I gon' say this is too weird:S 143 Kuya JP yayyy!! (L)

So I guess my new line is...
So when's the first time you fell in love with dance?

Monday, March 10

Zomg. Thinking about course selection is keeping me from 'studying' for chem and finishing up some physics and french ish. F/cking Ms. Wong, I hate your freaking guts. You screwed me over forreal, but I hella got Millward, the perverted genius, on my side and that's all i need to ride ride ride. HAHA! Fuuhhhh, seriously though, my plans are ruined!:( I have to upgrade in the summer for math now (which btw, USED TO BE my favorite subject until this year) cus according to her, I'm stupid because i make a minor error in certain problems on a test that are worth 5/6 marks (which is like every damn question, so in other words, i fail). How incoherent is that?! A f/cking C in Math Regular but high B's in chem and phys??? GAAADD.

So without math I'm screwed; I only got 3 provincial exams:
A - Choral Music/History 12
B - Lit 12
C - CE 12
D - Writing 12
E - (Spare)
F - History/French 12
G - Eng 12
H - Art/IT 12
J - Chamber Choir 12
AP Eng

If Wong hadn't been such a pain in the ass then it would've been like:
A - Choral Music/History 12
B - Lit 12
C - CE 12
D - Ma 12
E - Bio 12
F - History/Fr 12
G - Calc 12
H - Eng 12
J - Chamber Choir 12
AP Eng, AP Calc

For now it looks like I have to drop choir to ensure that I have 4 provincials? Daaaaaym. & we're touring Europe next year! Plus I've been waiting for History ever since the 7th grade (HAHA:$) but at the same time I don't want waste my time taking French in university=\ FFFF yo, I hate school. I hate life. So much for the previously delightful weekend:'(

In the meantime however...
I want to find my hip hop. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Brown Sugar = Best movie ever (tied with Love & Basketball). Counting down for the long weekend...

Tuesday, March 4


"How appeasingly sentimental are the imposing & rhetoric goodbyes of yesterday's tomorrows"

"In the center and the middle is the main dwelling place
where the very secret between God and the soul take place"
- Saint Teresa of Avila