Tuesday, March 4


"How appeasingly sentimental are the imposing & rhetoric goodbyes of yesterday's tomorrows"

"In the center and the middle is the main dwelling place
where the very secret between God and the soul take place"
- Saint Teresa of Avila


lanie said...


lanie said...

HAHAH that's dope.
i missssyouuuuuu :(
are you going to footloose?

lanie said...

HAHA yeah.. i heard it was boring! i couldn't go cus i had to be at a yfc mass + collective, sooo yennno :)

we would probably be going out already, but you're too busy for me. we're already on a break, and we're not even going out yet :(

ty for the goodluck, though! we got first place again for both Hairspray and Arcadia.... again. HAHA it was dope. ate so much at boston pizza afterwards :( i feel so fat