Friday, March 14

...I think today marks history, Jippee I've missed you so much! You're my hero JP, & I can never stress those words enough. I'm honestly like you're number 1 fan, forreal. Aaaand you're never going to see this, yaaayyy!!!! Because this is too corny for my liking, the eff I never talk all honest and sh/t like this, haha! Forreal though. Yeah that's all I gon' say this is too weird:S 143 Kuya JP yayyy!! (L)

So I guess my new line is...
So when's the first time you fell in love with dance?


Tommy said...


lanie said...

yeah. why are we talking on blogspot :( your b for not msging me on msn.. ever (U)

aj IS baks. i've always wanted a gay friend. HAHAH :) i keep telling him to turn baks, but he keeps refusing it ;) but you and i both know he's in denial :D

1010 said...

yay for kuya jp!!!!!!!! (KUYA!? HAHAHA)

so, when did you fall in love with dance?

lanie said...

yeah! i know!
freakin heck. i should've auditioned :(

but then i probs wouldn't have made it HHAHAHAHAHA :D