Monday, March 31

...inspirfrickenration. Yeah, I've probably watched this about a billion times now but zomg wowowow.

this past weekend was kiiiiller yo. Move'08 was dope man and the freaking workshop; cotdamn Ate Cookie props for hooking that up. Steve Bolton you're nuts man. The things you drew attention to in and out of your class today are things I'll aaalways take with me. S'not everyday you hear things that are of this much value; ahhhh I'm still so speechless man! Frick! A good kind of speechless, obvi haha. I guess being as independent as I am can be a burden and can do nothing but hold you back. Ooooohwee that's pretty big of me to say to be real. So bad, aha:S

In ways I really have lost my inspiration even though I know exactly what I want right now. Funny how that turns out, huh? I don't know, everything's so muttled up in my head right now. For now though, Aimee Lucas you're my idol. & you're freaking hot too. Hahahaha shooooot mans

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