Monday, March 10

Zomg. Thinking about course selection is keeping me from 'studying' for chem and finishing up some physics and french ish. F/cking Ms. Wong, I hate your freaking guts. You screwed me over forreal, but I hella got Millward, the perverted genius, on my side and that's all i need to ride ride ride. HAHA! Fuuhhhh, seriously though, my plans are ruined!:( I have to upgrade in the summer for math now (which btw, USED TO BE my favorite subject until this year) cus according to her, I'm stupid because i make a minor error in certain problems on a test that are worth 5/6 marks (which is like every damn question, so in other words, i fail). How incoherent is that?! A f/cking C in Math Regular but high B's in chem and phys??? GAAADD.

So without math I'm screwed; I only got 3 provincial exams:
A - Choral Music/History 12
B - Lit 12
C - CE 12
D - Writing 12
E - (Spare)
F - History/French 12
G - Eng 12
H - Art/IT 12
J - Chamber Choir 12
AP Eng

If Wong hadn't been such a pain in the ass then it would've been like:
A - Choral Music/History 12
B - Lit 12
C - CE 12
D - Ma 12
E - Bio 12
F - History/Fr 12
G - Calc 12
H - Eng 12
J - Chamber Choir 12
AP Eng, AP Calc

For now it looks like I have to drop choir to ensure that I have 4 provincials? Daaaaaym. & we're touring Europe next year! Plus I've been waiting for History ever since the 7th grade (HAHA:$) but at the same time I don't want waste my time taking French in university=\ FFFF yo, I hate school. I hate life. So much for the previously delightful weekend:'(

In the meantime however...
I want to find my hip hop. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Brown Sugar = Best movie ever (tied with Love & Basketball). Counting down for the long weekend...


lanie said...

HAHAH gross :( cha's pictures turned out so much better. i'm so jealous :(

maybe if you didn't hate me so much we could hang out :(

lanie said...

haha, i've been alriiiight. i'm like, super sick though. and i've been skipping so much school lately. so after the weekend, i'm gonna be so behind :(:(

k sooooooo let's hang out soon k? hopefully during spring break!
if not.... then k you suck :(

ps. i hate boys. i'm gonna turn lesbian