Tuesday, November 18

what the eff ?!!

Sooooo today was probably one of the best i've ever had so far.
++ might i mention, i had a super chill dope time with my classmates.

pls do excuse me if you take offense but i speak for everyone when i say that i never thought i'd see the day where i can admit to having a good time with my classmates. everyone, including myself, always spoke so low of us saying how we're lame and we don't party and all that shizz. fuck that shit! since i am too GG (Good Girl) for most people, i freaking love my class for not falling into that kind of junk. cus forreal, i had sooo much fun today; the most fun i had in a whiile. & it was while organizing freaking parent teacher interviews!!

but brb! bro's kicking me off>=( but it is quite late..i shall continue later...

XOXO Gossip Girl

Sunday, November 2

Adele's the shit