Tuesday, July 13

some goods of the day

'tis what you do when you're sick on your day off.

Tuesday, July 6

cus I'm bored and this is cute

once in a blue moon I do 'em and trust, they actually make me think.


Next person you’ll kiss: ha
Next movie you want to see: Despicable Me!
Next time you’re going out: tom night after 247
Next place you’ll take vacation: either the Phils or SD
Next thing you are going to do after filling this survey out: crash. long day ahead
Next thing you are going to eat: a bagel. or 2
Next time you plan to be drunk: nope!
Next thing you are going to do outside: enjoy the friggen SUN while I walk t


Last kiss: ha
Last person you hugged: Zen Nuuks
Last person you spoke to: the brother. 'Night'
Last alcoholic beverage: absolut like 4 years ago
Last movie: Toy Story 3 (L)
Last person you thought of: Lanie Valencia and her lovely chocolate cupcakes :$
Last school you went to: CCC
Last person you said I love you to: haha Lanie =)
Last run in with the Law: nope
Last fight you were in: haven't argued with my mom in a while
Last person you MSN’ed: Aj Cabanos!
Last thing you ate: chocolate chip mint ice cream
Last thing you saved up money for: haa.. SD trip


First car: nope
First pet: nope
First computer: red Dell Inspiron
First concert: Rock the Bells Tour '09
First alcoholic beverage: absolut
First time you stayed out all night: only a lot of almosts. practicing at Ming's til 4am back in '05? o.O
First best friend: Jennifer Santos
First job: barista at Starbucks. rolling lumpia. $2.50/100 and I made 100 an hour. lol
First school: St. Andrew's Elementary
First movie you watched in a theater: Inspector Gadget!
First thing you really saved up money for: actually saved and actually spent was my nano haha