Saturday, September 27

The Seige
Best movie in a daang long time.

I wish I watched it in full though,
cus shit, regardless
that hit me haaard, yo
Denzel Washington, you dope sauce.

Sunday, September 21

Dear God,

I'm sorry for being so selfish. I know that everyone says I have reason to and that I don't deserve what I'm going through blah blah but forreal, I can deal and you know it =) I'm strong, You've raised me well.

But for now - actually, for a while - please take care of them, Lord God. No one deserves that kind of a loss so soon, so unexpected. I know our relationship has been such a rollercoaster (religion 11 is some messed up junk and you know it, aha) and that I'm hella drifting away at hyper speed, but please please please help me to understand Your plan for them.

With everything going on right now, I'm sure I simply don't/can't even trust You at all right now, excuse me for being frank.

But please God, just keep them aware of your presecence. Please take exceptional care of Tito and his family please. You know how hard-hitting it is for me as well whenever anyone dies, despite how Chica's my classmate and what not. But if I'm feeling as shitty as I am right now, I can not even imagine how they're coping, to say the least. I just really wish we didn't grow so far apart, cus I don't even know how to pray anymore.

But yeah, just be with them, k?
Yeah, still in a loss for words.
I'm sorry I couldn't do my homework again:(
& yeah, I guess that's all.