Sunday, July 27

'Girls should realize'

"We guys don't care if you talk to other guys.
We don't care if you're friends with other guys.
But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the room and you jump up and tackle him, without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us off.

It doesn't help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we're still there. We don't care if a guy calls >OR TEXTS<>

The sexiest thing about a girl is confidence.

Yeah, you can quote me.

Don't be mad when we hold the door open.

Take Advantage of the mood im in.

Let us pay for you!
Dont 'feel bad' We enjoy doing it.
It's expected.
Smile and say 'thank you'.

Kiss us when no one's watching.

If you kiss us when you know somebody's looking,
we'll be more impressed.

You don't have to get dressed up for us.
If we're going out with you in the first place,
you don't have to feel the need to wear the shortest skirt you have
or put on every kind of makeup you own.
We like you for who you are and not what you are.
Honestly, i think a girl looks more beautiful when she's just in her pj's.or my tshirt and boxers, not all dolled up.

Don't take everything we say seriously.
Sarcasm is a beautiful thing. See the beauty in it.

Don't get angry easily.

Stop using magazines/media as your bible.

Don't talk about how hott Chris Brown, Brat Pitt, or jesse McCartney in front of us.
It's boring, and we don't care.
You have girlfriends for that.

Whatever happened to the word 'handsome'/'beautiful'?
I'd be utterly stunned by a girl who greeted me with 'Hey handsome!' instead of 'Hey baby/stud/cutie/sexy' or whatever else you can think of. On the other hand im not sayin i woulndnt like it ether ;)

Girls, I cannot stress this enough: if you aren't being treated right by a guy, dont wait for him to change!!!!! Ditch his sorry ass, disgrace to the male population and find someone who will treat you with utter respect.

Someone who will honor your morals.

Someone who will make you smile when you're at your lows

Someone who will care for you even when you make mistakes.

Someone who will love you, no matter how bad you make them feel.

Someone who will stop what they're doing just to look you in the eyes....and say 'i love you' ..and actually mean it.

Give the nice guys a chance."

Wednesday, July 23

To dream that you have committed a murder indicates that you are putting an end to an old habit and your former ways of thinking. It could also mean an end to an addiction. To dream that you are a witness to a murder indicates deep-seated anger towards somebody. To dream that you are murdered suggests that an important relationship has been severed and you are trying to disconnect yourself from your emotions. It also represents your unused talents. Note that dreams of murder occur frequently during periods of depression.

Monday, July 21

I simply can't contain myself anymore.
I miss it all too much.
There's a bigass void within me
filled with the shattered things that've gone & went.
I miss you
I miss him
& you especially.
& motherfucker, you too.
With all that was said and done
I can't believe I still hurt
I still cry
I still ponder
I still wonder
Giving up
or rather, getting over.

& now there's nothing left.

I just miss everything, that's all.
What I used to have been used to
the whole, fuck-it-your-loss...
I guess not so much anymore?
'Cause now I'm losing.
& I miss...

I miss.