Monday, July 21

I simply can't contain myself anymore.
I miss it all too much.
There's a bigass void within me
filled with the shattered things that've gone & went.
I miss you
I miss him
& you especially.
& motherfucker, you too.
With all that was said and done
I can't believe I still hurt
I still cry
I still ponder
I still wonder
Giving up
or rather, getting over.

& now there's nothing left.

I just miss everything, that's all.
What I used to have been used to
the whole, fuck-it-your-loss...
I guess not so much anymore?
'Cause now I'm losing.
& I miss...

I miss.

1 comment:

1010 said...

shit ma, i got you. i miss you, hoys soon. and bike riding ;)

.. if one of them is ykw, you lied to me.. HAHAHA
love ya homegirl, keep yo head up