Tuesday, March 25

aww man, the most chill day ever; an "i-wish-everyday-were-like-this-kind-of-day" (L)
open studio at justin's. Shiiiet, might as well have been a workshop yo! JP's and Jerome's piecees were siiick, they're insane yo. Headed to work to pick up tips so that me tin mar jp jerome kylie and justin ray could go to the moooobies!! $10 yeye=) went to metro.. cotdamn yo, justin.. you're freaking hilaaarious man HAHAHA!! all the busrides everywhere, trouble trouble trouble hahahaha oh man we were so freaking loud hahahaha! mall ratted a little only to find that our movie wasn't even playing anyway haha. so much heat for me in AA:$. . . . . . so headed to blockbuster then ming's. eff yo, "haballoween": the most messed up shit i've ever seen. this is why i'm up right now oh man, for once i'm too scared to sleep! lllooolllll.

now, gotta head back to reality. forreal though man, thank you Lord Jesus for the most chill day ever. I haven't enjoyed myself this much in so long...HAHAHA! for once as well, i don't want srping break to end:(:( cus this time, i didn't waste it=)=

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1010 said...

best day of my spring break so far HAHAHAHAHAHA