Monday, February 25

So enough with the negative

So yeah, this month...scratch that...this f/cken year has been quite the craazy ride with the range in emotions that got in the way of the logicaliy of things. BUT, this weekend has by far been one to remember forsheeezy forsheezy. With the new beginnings of SickSTYLZ and the dope as dope dancers that came out and did their thang... sh/tchyo i'm heeella hyped for this. I've neeever seen so much talent, dedication, AND commitment in my life. We in the making to be something great man, forreal. Ain't no other attains values and at the same time standards as us. Attitude over skill, arright? I love that line. With that as our 'mission statement' persay, it'll only bring out the best in alla us. I'll do anything for you kids, seriously haha. Gon' be draaaaama in the house with the wrath of my pops and the over-protective qualities of my moms HAHA! but nothing i haven't heard before, don't worry about me. Wrapping it up though, I'm so thankful, Lord Jesus. Thanks for leaving me speechless. Haha (L)

Tomorrow's judgement day. AKA, picking of the final individuals who have the potential to excel in this art. AKA... COTDAMN, YO we just gettin' starrrrted.

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1010 said...

the sweat was worth the 2 free classes haha. jp and marc are crasy