Friday, February 1


wtf is wrong with our generation.
that can't even be a question no more,
For it trully is a statement now.
Cause we're so fucked up
& we couldn't care less
or we're just too blind to notice
for we limit what lies ahead
casting off our fears and first impressions
Cause we're just too damn stupid
& abuse all that's laid before us.

Just thinking about how brutal the youth have been throughout this year.. Seems like as often as necessary, someone's gotta be added to the line of RIP's...
I'll be praying despite whateva.

RIP CP, BC, MC<3333
I just miss you so much right now Ninang, keep 'em safe up there

"...their lives were stole
now we'll never know

We were here all together yesterday"


John Ray Catingub said...

This is us at adolescence. We're supposed to be the generation of change.

What happens when we're in power for change?

John Ray Catingub said...

America in in disarray, our generation without morality, advanced warfare.

It's going to be a bright future.