Sunday, January 27

oppurtunity's a' knockin

I'm seriously loving where I'm at right now. The month started off to be heeella whack being so eemz and shiz ffff, but I don't think I've ever been this happy and so thankful for every damn thing since... never? Ha! A loootta things have been going down.

A typical weekday of the life Abigail Therese De Guzman Soriano Solis consists of:
05:30 wake up for Chamber
06:30 board the bus to escuela
07: 00 Chamber
08:30 - 03:00 l'ecole (yuck)
03:00 - 05:00 Dance Squad or Choir

05:00 - 09:00 Workskies yeye
09:30 - 11:00 SICK STYLZ SYMPHONY PRACTICE (Fridays)
10:00 - 05:30 (attempts of) Homework/sudying/sleep
& begin again!

Used to complain about all o' that, having only maaybe 3 hours of sleep a night (if i'm lucky):S
But with the new additions of work and dance, fcuk it, I'll be a freaking robot for all i care

I love work, my staff is so chill & they make it hella fun

Dance... s'it. Nothing in the world that can amount to my love and passion for it.
Sick Stylz Symphony, holla (more info to come)
I tried out for XSS Varsity team for Worlds? Can't really tell yet if that was successful or not, aha. I danced with the hugest effing headache which i let keep me back & it showed:S:S
(And yes, the headache was the result of lack of sleep/nutrition)

I'll do anything for those two things. HAHA YUP! Even work:$..............

But umm, I should be taking advantage of my weekend for sleep
so i'll make this pretty later (pretty enough fo' ya?)

Point is
I've finally found my balance

PS, 9:30 - 11 (in the night time) practices just for dance: now ain't that G
i'm fcuken livin the good life for sheeezz


1010 said...

love it nigga, i'm happy for your life right now.

I'm still the pessimistic girl that complains all day long. are you working tomorrow, if not.. help me with maffff and french pls

missa. said...

you and tin are the only ones i know on this shii hah :)

ummm.. its a secret;) use your imagination? hahah jkjk don't cause i know you'd think of something dirty, you dirty girl. tsk tsk.

ahhh damn you're quite the busy woman now huh? shiii and i thought i got it bad! good job on handling all that shit and not complaining maybe one day i'll be like that too.. haha one day.

1010 said...

shii, really? whole day?

jel said...

yee auditions are all good.
oooh what you were at auditions on friday? YEEE! im comin this friday... how was it anyways?