Friday, January 4

She said THAT? I can't believe she just said that.

It's different coming from another person, but coming from you i'm just plain speechless. & once again, you picked the perfect time AND words. It's like you love seeing me this way; crashing and burning at your delight. just HAD to ASSUME and follow the talk of the town.
But I guess that's to be expected.
...cus only mama knows best, huh?

Funny how you don't know a thing about me thank you very much, cus aaall you think you know, is the (false) side of me.
Because even I'm not THAT stupid enough to go about things in the ways you think i do. I don't judge people like you do
& that's a whooole lot

Which is why i deserve atleast a shitload better than your perceptions of me.

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1010 said...

don't worry abbey, I got you.