Tuesday, August 7

Track 1

ok forreal, I really really do want to get back to writing. on here I mean :) re-starting up with a new series (which shall remain untitled in the mean time) which features the most impactful songs of my catalog. they are likely to be poignant, but all in good measure? if that's possible I guess. anyway

my dear Donny Hathaway, it has been some time. I don't recall what lead me back to his music yesterday, but I'm all the more happy, to say the very least, that I did. he also falls on the list of most influential people in my life. this song is among my three most favorite songs of his. the moment I heard it, I thought of my Wedding Day. I may have yet to experience such a love and growth in another being, but I sure hope that this'll be our first dance together as man and woman. I'm sure this sparks a, more or less, concerned curiosity for such a lyric/melody that should be played at a time of union that begins the love to forever --

but that's just it. "For all we know" we don't know much: we don't know what'll happen at the end of this song or this dance, from the time you let go of my waist and I your hand may be the last moments two will ever have together. this may not even be real. one may wake up and realize what one has done, what was promised and be filled with regret and fury at what she has caused. anything can take place and be altered from an unknown expense.

so let's prolong this. let's have this one dance be entirely ours for all to witness and take part in. let us hold each other and know that at that moment, I am yours and you are mine. for the entire three minutes and forty seconds I am only devoted to you and you to me. For All We Know, we have this, and I am yours.

Dedicated to my love.
Love, B

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