Sunday, February 22

Sooo, Beebs is currently tired tired tired!:( Like reeeally tired. I've had two days this week now when I was fortunate enough to have 10 hours of sleep but I'd still be tired. & not like an over-slept kind of tired cus I know how that feels. :( I've been pretty consistant with my sleep these days before prior too, altering my pattern because of stupid chamber everyday. Except for that one night.. no more phone calls, B. There's a reason why you've stopped doing those. I guess that was what through me off. But anyway.. Looking back, I haven't had a break since before midterms I think. That also doesn't count the studying I put in for midterms, so reeeally... since before Christmas:( I really do wish I can blog everyday or at least every so often. My heart breaks (in ways more than one..) BUT...

Seattle soon, wuh wuuuhh. Freaking flashback yo. I am never doing that again. Hell no Tin, you are not going to talk me in to it. Only in Seattle man. Haha, hopefully that saying will apply to this year as well.

btw, :$...
this is really cute. Guess away!


Sincerely, B

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