Thursday, March 5

Bittersweet: Reminisce that shiiiiii'

seattle TOMORROW yo! FINALLY, cotdamn. This performance has been waiting for me, man. But let's recall OG Seattle'07 when:

- Melodramatic existed. Haha! Miss you Jesse, Kyla, Nancy, Veronica?.................. :S.........
- 6th overall at IDC! The black stripe.. L O L M A N ! ! ! HAHA shoot, that's lame. This newb all girl group out placed us. They were really good though. We saw an American Severin!! Haha! He was dope. When krump was still emerging into the mainstream...
- My first time! HAHA eff "Absolut's the devil".. f/ckin RIGHT! I pretty much finished that bottle, ugh. & our shots were so inaccurate, like Mexican shot glasses x2!! Shoot, if we followed original plans and went to that party... Btw, the BIGGEST hangover ever. Ugh, yucks man. I still felt drunk throughout the entire (following) day. Puked everywhere around the outlets x68764644. Didn't get to shop:( That's how gross I felt. My moms knew too.. She thought there was something wrong with me:S She thought that I would stay rebz forever... Cus you know, I totally am. HAHA !!
- Snap, first time clubbing too! HAHAHA how could I have forgotten?!! & our moms dropped us off at the club too! HAHA yeeeeuh. I thought the club sucked, otherwise Seatown boys can't dance but I dont think that's true.

I guess we all see where this is going... only in Seattle. Yuh, I'm the rebz/party girl/daaaym girl only in Seattle giiiiirl. I guess we'll see.. I'm freaking PUMPED!:D

Once I get back though, I got a whooole bunch of stuff to do/catch up on:
- grad write up, find quote, find baby picture
- pick casual pic for grad powerpoint
- apply for scholarships/bursuries, more schools (long overdue)
- update resume
- job hunting.. oh geez...
- eng poems?
- $45 for grad cruise
..& this is all to be accomplished first day back from my (would be) glorious weekend:( My my, the life of Abigail Solis

K gotta pack!
BRB 'til Monday(ish)!!!!

Sincerely B


John Ray Catingub said...

Whoa, Seattle. That looks like it'd be a good trip. (But then again, I've never been so I don't know.)

The commute should give you some good reading time, eh? *hint hint*

cas. said...

would be glorious?

Was it not?!