Monday, March 30

whole again

Sooo instead of writing my Hamlet essay (which will, btw, determine my mark for the upcoming reoprt card. & since I haven't really been progressing... ah haaaaa...shoot.), I am going to blog!!! Just wanted to end off the day on a good note...

Today was a pretty profound day for me; probably the realest ish in a long time. All I gotta say is i i i i love love love love dance dance dance dance. Ryanimay, you are my inspiration. I take you with me to every practice or whatever dance joint it may be just so that I can keep to the dreams that I currently sleep of. Cus shoot, I sweat bullets now, yo; can't stop won't stop. And I plan to keep it that way. Yeeeee. We freestyyyyled today too, yo. Feels good to see everyone chill out for a few minutes each. Hooolly, we haven't done that as a crew in a DANG long time. Shoot, I haven't freestyled in a dang long time!!!! I've been asking Kuyopet every now and then if we'd be having a sesh soon cus I've been soooo deprived.

"It's not about how many hits you can get. Don't even think about those, they'll come naturally and eventually. Try to find the groove of the song, do what its telling you to do."

FINALLY someone is on the same page as me. & daym did I let loose. Though a slow start, shoooot...I never knew I could do it! I felt loved again, yo. Doing my thing smack in the middle without a care in the world. Pushing eeeeverythang aside just to be free for dem 30 sceonds or so. Feeling the way I've been feeling for a while evolve for that one moment. Committing to it, never letting it go. Smiling, inside and out, with Passion written all over my body. It was such a moment of bliss: being reunited with my first love again... never knew that I be fallin' in love again. God knows how much I missed ya. Never thought that I'd get the love from ya'll the way I did, being on hiatus and all. Gato, you make my heart melt:$:$:$

On the way to singkil practice, I actually made sense of something: I don't mind procrastination at all. Of course, I'd prefer not to linger around that area whenever possible buuutt... I love a lot of stuff about it: the pressure it brings, the focus it calls for, the outcome of brilliance usually found. More so, the mere fact that hard work and BIG efforts are almost always recognized . Just the fact that I can say "Heeeeyy giiiiiiirl" cus I actually pulled through when I thought I couldn't . I guess there's 3 good notes for today.

Sincerely, B'Bay'Bita

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