Monday, March 23

Filing Cabinet

What a chill springbreak. Updates later

But I've been thinking and thinking and thinking. & thinking. & not writing. Or not blogging. Some thoughts have been distasteful and then there were thoughts of love. Some of complete goodness and then there was chillness-ness. Though obviously contemplation, there's a "wish list", per say. During these past couple days people have been talking about diaries and journals and stuff like that. One of my homegirls has had her diary since her first "boyfriend" (2003/4?) and she's been writing ever since. Mami even had to write extra super small and would have to shorten her entries so that they can fit on the back cover cus she finished all the paper! Cotdamn. Other homegirl, Bing, just got a journal pretty recently, however, it's still untouched. She has another for her writing class, in which she writes in every class before the in-class pieces that were required for the day. I like that. I know I talk about it almost every entry here (so I'll word it differently), but writing before the writing that counts is hella good for the mind: gets rid of all the crap in the way of genius. Now my girl, Newbs.. She and I are on the same page. We share a wishlist:$ aha, and we both have intentions of writing it down. I'll leave that open to your discretion... Then there were other forms of journals&diaries: blogspots, xangas, "Asian agendas", planners, etc, etc. Each just another way of documenting life.

I remember saying to myself that these forms of documents are so lame, "childish" if you may. I spoke so low of them that I cheated in school... We had a journal for our Christian Ed class. Since our teacher would only take a look to see if we made efforts, I just copied random paragraphs from handouts or something, aha! Now that I think back, I really wish I had a journal, diary, whatever. Something in writing. Having written form of how my life has been would have been, for serious, amazing for me (haha, try to wrap your tongue around that one). Reading 'em again would have been such a satisfying feeling to have laughs and tears of total reminisce. I take more value into things in writing. For me it's literal heart, time, effort, thoughtfulness, realness-ness. Hell is yes we're a much more technology based generation, but I got mad love for Mami, Bing, and Newbs. For keeping their storied in tact, creating the story of their lives.

In the mean time, I'll be on the search for one of my own. To keep records of mine own. I'll leave that to your discretion

Sincerely, B

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