Wednesday, July 15

It has drawn to my attention as well as to a conclusion that my 3 most favorite places in the world include:

1. the park
2. the library
3. the stage

The three places where / that / are

- happiness is forever guaranteed
- I am naked
- release happens
- I am my real self, the self no one knows of or merely understands
- either my moms or pops have introduced to me
- either my moms or pops brought me to countless number of times
- either my moms or pops have literally raised me
- accredited for the person I was, am, and will be

What's your top 3?


Lilianne said...

Awww thanks Abby and let me say that your blog post is uber-cool.
RE: My top 3 places are:

1. the beach (i like the atmosphere)
2. the balcony (i can just daze)
3. the kitchen.. hehe (to eat!!!)


jusMElissa said...

AW i like this blog!
my top 3 are.......

1. burnaby mountain! (at night... beneath the stars... on a non-cloudy day)
2. the basketball OR tennis court
3. the rooftop (of this specific place in richmond)