Wednesday, July 8

On my 18th birthday I:

Woke up late
Another oppurtunity to watch Transformers snatched (u)
Cried a little - another birthday fail
Cried x 438194 million more watching the Michael Jackson memorial
Watched 2 more hours of CNN
Downloaded some MJ tunes that I didn't know I lacked
Accepted Akil Dasan's friend request on Youtube
Downloaded more tracks from The Roots, Marvin Gaye, Dallas Green, old school Monica, Kevin Michael, and Nsync
Ate the traditional pansit with the familia
Watched the MJ memorial a second time
Still teared up, especially when Stevie Wonder, Brooke Shields, Usher, JUDITH HILL, and the Jackson family had the mic
Talked to Newbs
Decided to get matching tattoos! Maybe:$
Found more of Akil Dasan and The Crowd's dope shiiii on Youtube!!
Found out that it was JUDITH HILL who gave the sensational performance at the very end of the service
Creeped her a little bit, the same with Adeline:$:$
Figured out how to conference call on my cellphone
Planned an outting with Zen and Checo
(Going to watch My Sister's Keeper)
Decided to buy some waterproof mascara tomorrow, haha
Departed with the mother and beloved brother to Denny's for "late breakfast" with Joere (L)
Arrived home some 40 minutes ago to a personal msg from Akil offa' Youtube greeting me happy birthday
Melted for a few good minutes more
Blogged blogging

may not seem like much to you, but it was more than a fulfilling day for me. to experience a day with Michael was supreme, chilling with the fambam + Joere (pretty much fam) was exceptional, and to have Akil add me as a friend as well as greet me on my birthday just made my heart smile even more.

I don't think I've ever cried as much as I did today watching some sort of memorial service... & I wasn't even there! With all that was sung and done and said, I still seem to find the odd person believing only in the contradictory side to Michael rather than understanding his actions and reasoning towards everything. "Wasn't nothing strange about your daddy. It was strange what your daddy had to deal with." So.. why didn't you marry Brooke Shields? What phenomenal and brilliant woman. Stevie, Kobe and Magic, Smoky Robinson, Shaheen, Usher, Judith Hill, and most especially the Jacksons: much love. Nothing more to say cus I can't top what Paris said, aha.

Check out Harlem's very own Akil y'all (how many times have I mentioned his name already?).

freaking SUBSCRIBE to him kids! I am loooving him.
this guy is bomb.

I don't want to sleep in again. Goodnight y'all. Thanks for remembering Michael Jackson. & thanks for all the wonderful greets <3

Love B

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