Saturday, February 20

hi, I need to blog more. writing in my legit Moleskine has kept me from doing so, lol [btw, I got one last month!! srsly need to update man].

kinda random but, AHH!! I love hip hop:) Really lovin' this Indie stuff too. Much love to Ashleigh Ball & Hey Ocean! and Ms. Jaycelyn Brown & Said The Whale<3 Epiphany right now that just begged for me to write:

"I love this 'swagg' style cus of this confidence that erupts from me while [performing the choreography of the sort]. Even more so, I'll always have my heart in R&B....All the feelings involved[,] the commitment required to grasp the connection with the music[,] that urgency & just how foreign the process feels [...It all] just makes me work harder [unleashing something almost immaculate]."

Shaun Evaristo you are amazing[.]

Love, B

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