Sunday, April 4

halfway to Destiny

such perfect timing ...

chyup, my Moleskine has def taken over. gonna try my best and keep up with this of course and not use my tumblr. ever.. hahaha. gonna keep this short and sweet tho.

this week's been hella good. in total, I've had about 12 hrs of dance and that's not including Sickstylz, Set It Off, or the rehearsal time in between both on Sunday. shoot, can't believe that I used to rehearse for hours on end every single day too cus right now I'm HELLA beat. it's been amazing tho. Bianca and Tracy from Choreo Cookies and Andrew from So Real were in town for Don't Stop the Love. got to hang out and take class with as well as from them too. I've learned so much just from those 3 in and out of the studio, I can never feel anymore humbled.

cutting down to it tho, never realized how much I've been losing myself in alla this ish that's been going on lately. I mean, 'tis why I haven't been blogging [and sometimes writing]. not cus I'm emo lol, but cus I've just been really trying to figure and sort things out. really trying to understand why things are the way they are or turn our the way they do and just make something out of it.

m a k e s o m e t h i n g o u t o f i t . . . see that's what I've been forgeting. I read this little thang offa something somewhere some time this week saying "You don't find yourself, you create yourself." it hit me so hard cus I've been living exactly that first bit almost my entire life because of how rough it's always been. but that's just it. I've been losing sight of where I've come from. how each day I would literally take all of it, the good the not so great, lay it right in front of me, and fashion it into something else. 'tis where my Music comes from. don't matter if you see it or not, but I leave my heart and soul out there on stage or in the studio. not to impress people, not even to impress myself, but cus those two are places are where I can not only be happy with myself but also be proud of myself. proud of were I've come from, how I got there, and for what will come next. proud that I can triumph no matter what. proud that there's some sort of good in this world, that there's a place I can settle in. proud that there's a place for a girl like me whose dreams are too big to reach sometimes. haha.

with that said, you create You. don't let anybody stop you from just doing so.

Love, B

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