Thursday, April 22

I know I ain't right

9:50pm and I've done prep for 1/10 possible essay Q's for my Engl final. actually, what a fool is I!? I've been on that same one for almost an hour now and not even half done. f[m]l is right. ha. but ye, finally gonna start blogging (at least almost) daily now. hella inspired by this love's awareness/confidence in the real. heading back to basics and just gonna write like tomorrow lives, how life feeds my enthusiasm for it in turn. excuse my lack of html skills :$


man, I just realy miss singing.

I've never used the term before, but I believe it is roflcopter? HAHA

still got a 1200 word reflective essay to write as well as a bonus assignement that I def need to try to get to. yeah? =\

Love, B

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?onnel said...

Hey love, thanks for the blogarhythms. Get out of school already for our collabo. Latuh.