Friday, April 30

so much for bloggin more often, eh? haha! I'd like to note that this is improvement, aright. lol. msn conversing with the GREAT Carmen Sit (L); she brought up the whole "dance as a career" thing. I told her how I think about it all the time and how I keep changing my mind and what not, but what I really loved actually, was her response to the same question. she's totally right!! especially with something as delicate as this. I'm not sure if I want to have something I('ve always) love(d) to be my job. haha, ironic huh. but forreal.. I don't know why haha! I mean, I don't want it to get tainted with all these bad as well as good experiences that arise, but of course I'd love to share what I've grown up with and detail why it's so important to me or how it's affected me. stuff like that y'know. I guess we shall see :) right now, I'm just in love with learning, and I hope to be for the rest of my life.

aaaanyway, just a couple good ones before I crash

no need for an intro on this one, lol

if you haven't already, meet Jill. she's friggen dope. me and her go waaayy back. haha we both started singing with the same instructor, same elementary school, same high school, same choir. shoooot (L)

night y'all!

Love, B

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