Sunday, May 2

sweet, sweet Georgia

'twas a day of love, 'tis a day of longing. you know that feeling, when you were once close with someone or attached to something? for what seems longer than a while, you've grown in love with whatever it was, doing whatever it took to maintain security. it turn, it/he/she allowed for your own growth as a being, an inidividual, a mere subject of substance. of greatness, of rarity, of bliss (haven't used that word in a long time now, huh). you've taken a meticulous amount of care for [it]; gave more than a hundred percent whenever necessary. even then, seemed like every minute of every day was of importance since [he] never left you mind. you prayed about [her] before sleeping, smiled about [it] upon wakening, dreamt about [him] while day dreaming. there has never been and will never be such a person or thing that draws the body mind and soul into your efforts as [she] once did.

ha, I ain't talkin bout no boy or a man who stole my heart. as real as real, I'm speaking about music, my life as a musician. :$ the choral arts to be exact. I can go on and on for forever trying to akdshasu. explain? re-create? *sigh** can't even pick the right word. those words above alone took a while to let out. my blogs from March til June of last year paint the picture better. now that's some real shit right there.

I had the opportunity to visit my love today, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. "the feeling when you were once close with someone or attatched to something..." and then not seeing them for a while. I could care less about how awkward it feels to see all your homies again or the feeling the potential you once had now gone to waste, for example. more like, how it took Ally years to visit Noah again: something had to trigger it. (this applies to anything I've ever amount to as of late) sure as hell hope that it won't take me years tho

can we cover this one, love?

Love, B

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