Wednesday, June 16

"I keep trying to catch my breath, but can't seem to..."

"...I love dance for a lot of reasons and one of those reasons is we can be who we want to be, feel what we want to feel, but still keep your true self. When I teach this piece I always tell my students to engage in the song and actually become the words. As silly as it sounds I tell them to act as a "rapper" to gain that confidence and "swag". It was so cool to see everyone transform and see everyone with a stronger attitude. I also tell them as soon as you walk out of my class to make sure you leave that persona in the studio. Being humble is a very important trait to me now. I sadly used to act like that, but I realized it wasn't me. Leave that attitude to the rappers/entertainers who actually have millions of dollars, nice cars, big houses, and can back up what they say. We are dancers not A-list celebrities."

taken off the info box below that vid on Youtube. this guy is so different now. I'll admit that I was never a fan of him before, cus even he admits that he had a whack attitude back then. as whack as it sounds on part, I love it when I become a fan of the now big time choreographers such as this guy. taking class from someone is so revealing. for me, it's like getting to know the person and trying to see or figure out what he/she sees and feels during the creation process as they're teaching.. forreal, personally it's like such a tremendous experience. ugh, an undescribable feeling. Brian's class was exactly like that. [might I add, my whole SD trip was EXACTLY like that] he kept telling us about how much he just loves Vancouver and how he wants stay (trust, he said it pretty often hahaha). he even apologized for not being able to take the classes before his because he was calling the airlines trying to rebook his flight and stuff. he even goes up to YOU trying to make conversation as well. still beating myself up right now cus I didn't get to thank him for class. [stuff like that is really important to me]

I'm sorry that I've been posting more vids than my own ish. it's been a while since I just sat and typed or wrote. on the real, I've just been so.. distracted? caught up? mm.. livin the life? haha. I'm sure I've noted it in previous posts (just not well enough), but dance has definitely taken over my life and I am so very happy that it is :) haha. deets deets later. I'm probs not even making any sense right now haha. skeet skeet.

Love, B

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