Thursday, April 22

there was something that I just reeeeally wanted to write down. I remembered during work actually, and I wanted to write like an 'X' or something on my knuckle so that I can just recall what happened at that time of day. I don't even remember if it was just a random memory that popped to mind, that 'angered baby' picture I can never get over, a kick in the azz that I needed, a "You-know-what-I-just-realized" type thing. or somethin. I didn't write mark an 'X' anywhere and I haven't written anything down. I hope it'll get at me soon (u) I guess there goes my 'X' then? hm.

anytoots, World Religions at 9am, Psych at 1pm.
be sure to mark your X's tom, k. make sure you foster even a hint of joy within that millisecond of your day. oh & smile. :)

Love, B

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