Monday, August 9

just speaking for myself


it's so hard to stay true to your beliefs when you've been incredibly blessed with such an open mind and a pure heart. I'll stand for everything that Talib is talkin bout in this clip, because I've either witnessed or been educated about it myself. if you really dig down deep to the root of it all, we all believe in the same things whether we practice them differently or not or have been following them from certain respectable people. see, I've been told by others that it takes so much of a person to attest to that and be unshaken, but why do I still find myself trembling from a place so unknown to me? out of fear? embarrassment? helplessness?? maybe it's a good thing after all, a reminder of that exact impartiality, of that openness You've created for me. soon I hope to know.

Love, B

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