Thursday, August 27

agh! I have work in 6 hours! meaning I need to wake up in 4 ish hours.. BUT! I must blog about all the good food I had today:)

the first thing I ate today was mango sorbetto from Mario's Gelati.. yuuumm [btw, woke up at 9 and indulged at approx. 2] ate at Earl's with the BFFL's Zen, Moonda, and Checo before Jp's class. had penne alfredo with chicken cutlets followed by smores with chocolate and vanilla ice cream on the side served with that caramel thinger on the bottom that they're known for.. omg yum. had more food at Lisa's place after Jp's; she wanted to have a little get together and cook us (me and my work friends) a nice dinner since Evan and I are leaving [Starbucks]. she's such a sweetheart<3 freaking bbq'ed salmon burgers, side of mushrooms and baked potatoes, and a side of garden salad with honey pear vinegarette.. mmmmmm. oh! and black & white cake from whole foods haha.

such a good day today. not gonna lie, I will miss work:(
[ul] full of good food & good time

btw, The Changeling is SUCH a good movie.

Love, B


Lanie said...

shoot is that the movie with angelina jolie?!?!?!?!?!

melissa said...

Cristina was just at my house today talking about those smores!! Haha they sound so good :$

cas said...

mm i like reading your days