Wednesday, August 12

"At the end of the day, think 'what has this day brought me, and what have I given it?'"

forreal, I'm already freaking tiiiired, yo. today, I had work from 7am-2:30 (supposed to be til 1:30, but I had to stay an extra hour cus stupid chick after me was late!!!!!), failed to do Ming's vid for her debut, walked around Gastown/Downtown for a couple hours before visiting Jo at work, debut prac at 8, GMA at 10, got home around 1:30. chilled with my brother for a bit, his bed is way comfortable than mine aha. btw, this is only day 2 of mad rehearsals. right now I got Ming's entourage dance for her debut (hip hop of course, no one does the traditional waltz anymore. at least not in Van) as well as Sickstylz with Jp, Marc, Donnel, Kyky, Jane, and Shay for the GMA thinger. I'll probably post a link about it sometime soon, but anyway.. I pretty much only have 4/5 hours of dance everyday this week but by the end of the night, my body is as out as how it was when I (literally) had 8-10 hour days of dance everyday of July two years ago. on top of that, fridays and saturdays got two extra hours for our PNE show in two weeks. still, on top of that, I got some school shit to work out, some work shit to worry about, and lastly myself to take care of.

what I'm trying to say is, I'm fucking tired as hell, but I absolutely love it. for me, being tired obviously means I'm doing 'too much', but it also means that I am getting the most out of my day, majority of which I never thought I was able to do. I can't help but feel so blessed for all the things that God has given me and for all the things that I was able to conquer in my seemingly jam-packed days. this 'tiredness' only emphasizes the enthusiasm I have for life and by the end of the day, I'm more than pleased for all that I accomplished, tho there may be few that I failed to do.

I should really get some sleep tho, I've been up for nearly 24 hours.. later days.

Love, B

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cas said...

you are one hardworking busy girl :)