Thursday, August 6

haven't really blogged in a while. I mean, haven't really said what's been up wif me? as of late. haha. been busy, been lazy, been getting sucked into all the latest technology buuuzz but failed to touch this. in that case, I shall procede..

today pretty much sums up how I've been chillin. oh, and today [was] a Wednesday, I'm usually bumming around my house, in bed, or at the table watching Fresh Prince & Still Standing, shower up for Jp's class at Harbour then hanging out with whoever feels like it after class collecting a can full of Good Times. today turned out toooootally different though. had to run a couple errands before taking class.. if I was still able to take class.

yaaaaa.. money's been a real bitch to me lately:

FINALLY quit my job at Starbucks (as of 2 weeks ago?). been meaning too since March-ish; hlycrp was that a load off my chest simply telling my manager (though I note it was HELLA nerve racking outta my MIND!). don't get me wrong, being a barista ain't so bad at all, 'twas a good job experience, but considering how my schedule's going to be come school starts and with Season 2 for SickSTYLZ.. my manager might as well 'fire' me and my crazy availability that won't meet 'Starbucks standard'. haha. technically though, I gave her my month's notice, rather than my 2 weeks, meaning I'll be officially done with that place on the 3rd of September. I'll also officially be unemployed, but I needed something to motivate me to find a better job or at least a more reasonable place to stay. its already August! which leaves me a month for success! forreal, I might even just apply at another location HAHA! I just really dislike my manager, lol.

was figuring out this student loan business for Corpus. WOW is it more complicated than I thought. the application form alone looked like a freaking T4 with 5 extra pages!! it involves detailed money info like a T4 too!! haha! then there's an Appendix 1, 2, and 3 each at least 4 pages. shoot, I thought I'd be done in 30 minutes! aha!

in case you missed it.. yup yup, I'm going to Corpus Christi for post-secondary. university transfer, English and Psychology. to kids at UBC in my household is heeeeeella expensive, no matter how many scholarships I got there (which were none). though I applied reaaally late actually, I applied before the end of April and they ONLY got back to me mid-June! still, I had a very very successful interview.. very successful interview. I was very happy about it and was proud to call CC my home of growth for now. btw, it's a super small college on the UBC campus, I'm sure not all of you have never heard of it before. meaning.. I get all the benefits of UBC too AND for the Corpus tuition!! the facilities, clubs, professors. they even got an access studies program which allows me to take any courses at UBC that Corpus doesn't have since its only a Liberal Arts college. yee =) not too sure what I'm going to do with my Eng and Psych, so I'll be taking up some courses there for poooossibly health sciences. still unsure what specifically but ain't it sweet?

errand #2 conisisted of vid for Ming's debut. her candles are doing their speeches on vid and they'll be played in between performances and presentations. UGH after 5,000 takes and writing/rewriting my speech I stuck with a just a tiny blurb thing that I was still unhappy with. after viewing it enlarged, I just realised that I forgot to switch settings back to the OG one so it looks like I used some cheap ass camera:( eff, I SUCK with words!!! but it was less the a minute like she preferred. Ming's debut in general is going pretty well I think? I don't know of much, just the usual rantings. the dancing's good! good good good. :)

dance has very much been a priority this summer. I'm thinking of keeping it that way as the years progress=) I'm loving it soooo so much. on a weekly basis, I take Jp's class on wednesdays, Jerome's on saturday, then followed by debut practice for another 2/3 hours. shiiii, now I got Sickstylz on fridays and saturdays after debut practice! in preparation for our PNE show on the 25th. AH! I'm luuuuvvin it. yesterday though, I was thinking 'bout holding back on classes cus damn, being a dancer is expensive! harsh made me think with this school stuff and unemployment stuff. I'm not part of any studio or any other crew and I don't have much room or privacy in my house haha, so taking class is the only way to expand my vocabularly. I think Sickstylz is my home. I plan on sticking with these guys for a long while. only hitting our second year, so we shall see.

the peoples have been reeeeal good to me. I'll always love my fam, friends. shit happens, but forreal.. oh well. haha you should hear me say that, I'm not cold-hearted. I'll always be the same person. no matter what goes down, I'll still be down. take it or leave! to the pit of my stomach, I'll still care. sorry moms if it doesn't seem that way. we need to somehow fix this miscommunication/misunderstanding. time heals all wounds, so letting things just do things (haha!) is the best for growing, accepting love. love you Ma..

yuh, I think I've said all I could. enjoy the day aight? apparently it calls for clouds tomorrow (sure should. it was freaking cold last night!!!! I was dressed for Fall, yo s'weird. haha). don't be bummed, life's still the same you faggot. haha.

thank you for surving this post. haha, I always end the long ones the same.

k peace.

Love, B

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