Saturday, September 26

Gooooooood MORNING!! :)

I was kinda cranky/meh when my sister woke me up this morning like she usually does. I wanted to sleep in sooo bad today! but I feel so good HAHA! like one of those mornings that feel great? HAHA I don't want to hype it up so much cus I'm not THAT happy, just not groggy. I feel good :)

don't think I've mentioned this yet, but.. laaast month(?) I had a dream that I was working at some place like the PNE and while I was running concession, this lady cut in front of the line cus she needed me to bring her to the washroom. I found out that she was having a baby :O not just any baby, but f/cken MUTATED babies!!!!! yes PLURAL!! it looked like some fricken The Matrix or some shit o.O then later on I was working at some hood restaurant and every time it switched scenes, I was having an abundant meal with lotsa lotsa rice with one of my family members HAHA!

yeeeeah.. I either dream WEIRD or not dream at all and with that, I never remember my dreams LOL. so I searched it up and discovered that baby dreams calls for important/significant change, mind you there were mutant babies meaning BIG change. rice means good fortune? food is good and settlement in the home.. somethin like that. haha oddly enough, it's all practically true! I'm a freaking freshman!!! I work in retail and I hope to get a start on choreographing, or at least freestyling, whenever I can *knock on wood**

Corpus is a whoooole lot better than expected. at first, I was hella NOT excited about going there: small school, same faces, small school. aha! I've been university bound since the day I was born. doesn't help when you get accepted to your dream school too. but nah, there's some real nice people over there. everyone's outgoing haha! took a lot of getting used to, aha but I'm slowly opening up more and more. I met someone who's pretty similar to me btw:| haha, not saying I don't like her. its just wrird. aha. I'm pretty satisfied with my course load and profs: pysch 100, philosophy 104, econ 201, math 100, eng 110... UGH! ENGLISH! my teacher's ajsdnhaiwdah!!!!!! she thought I was freaking ESL! I'm a freaking Arts student with Eng & Lit as my best subjects! geesh, I was in AP English for a while too! (school system's diff at St Pats) she even requested for me to get a tutor holy fuuuuuhh! there's still a possibility of me transferring out but no notification yet. ugh, other than that! thing's are lookin good.. good lookin.. ha. =)

that's right y'all.. I work in retail. I already cringe just typing that haha! Forever 21 suckas. & I work with Gino, Jessa AND Chad HAHA! :D they're actually pretty legit! the company I mean. haha, in a sense that like we can't hold items for you, you can't get stuff off the manequin even if it's that last one of something. our discount is (only) 10% and only the manager/DM can ring you through. everything's final sale if I were to buy it for you. sorry in advanced! I think I'll be ok tho.. ah! pray for me man. haha. hope I'll last.

dance dance dance. mmm, still pretty shy haha. & I mean 'whenever I can' as plainly as it says, even if it calls for being at the groceries, park, random places around school. hehe

but yup! just a (not so) little update. I shall talk to you lata!!!

Love, B


dre ross said...

ONLY 10% AT FOREVER 21?!?!?!?!?! what!!!

cas said...

congratz on the job b. Freestyle sesh, you up for it sometime?