Sunday, October 18


this vid brought a lot of things into light for me, yet still, I can't quite make them out. "...trying to ignore your fears though they are still at your heels... But I believe deep inside where we want to be is home. To be where we are loved best of all. Wherever home is: family, friends, with God; no matter how far we stray away, its something inside us we always look for. We live searching for that comfort. A whole and pure sort of love."

Home... I have no idea where that is. I've been searching for that place for such a long time, but how do I know what I'm looking for or where it may be? what if it's not even real? I know I sound crazy for there's a "home" for everyone, even those unsheltered. but if I haven't gotten a clue as to what it actually felt like to once be there.. likewise if I have no memory of such a love or time.. then why do I still feel crummy? can't recall the last time I've entered a room just beeming cus I knew it'd be a good day. I'm not emz, forreal. haha. I just hate my stubborn persistence in catching fire, trapping wind, staring directly at the sun.

despite everything, I still live; I still love. & I am content.
therefor, this vid gives me hope.

on the other hand, Happy Birthday Donnel. thank you for your contemplative mind and heart, forreal. I really was looking forward to seeing you at prac today, aha.

"Minds innocent and quiet take / that for an hermitage." - Richard Lovelace
Love B


Porson said...

the girl on the right of mari's video is my friend bianca ! =) shes such an amazing dancer haha


?onnel said...
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?onnel said...

frick, I always read these things so late. Thanks Abby, thank you for your thoughts!