Saturday, October 31

To the King of Pop

so I watched This Is It with Jp, Shay, Cas, Marc, Shauna, and Ralph just a couple hours ago, & I can honestly say that it was one of the best nights of my life. I tweeted and facebook-ed saying something like, "'s all the inspiration you'll ever need in life, dancer or not." plain and simple, that 'movie' surpasses all the countless hours of youtube for a life time haha! I remember telling Kuyopet a couple days ago not to make fun of me if I cried:$ but I didn't realize exactly how much I would. I not only cried throughout the whole thing cus I was just so touched/was in awe, but also cus I didn't want to blink and miss even a mere second of any of it. the concert would have been extremely monumental for me since his last performance was over a decade ago; I could actually remember it this time. but he could not have left us in any better way.. "It's all for love." I wish everyone would just understand that.

we all left feeling so inspired, so moved and enraptured of what we were so fortunate to observe. of course we kept talking about the outstanding dance scenes (not that the whole movie wasn't outstanding) while mimicking them as well. we were all just so happy. there were some pretty extreme winds everywhere rattling the trees and such, but neither did it bother us or even make us feel cold at all. I even rolled down the window a little once my mom had picked me up from the skytrain just to let the wind blow in my face. I really wanted to take in as much as I could of the whole experience, though they were just winds.

Thank you so much for your love, Michael. I couldn't have done it in any better way.

Thank you.
thank you, thank you, thank you
r i p

Love, B

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