Sunday, October 25

today was too beautiful of a day, just want to be able to look back on it.

first off it literally was a beautiful day. the sun felt really warm + the winds were blowing so nicely, unlike how its been these past few days. I went all the way to UBC to grab some books for my research paper. I finally got to see what makes the campus so beautiful: autumn leaves everywhere, barely any people too [obviously since its a Saturday; I can actually hear myself in the SUB too]. got to explore A LOT more of the campus since the Music Library was kinda sorta on the other side. it took me a while to actually find it haha cus I thought the library was its own building. but wow was it rewarding. I felt like I was in Raise Your Voice; everywhere I turned there was something going on. I was just walking down the halls for a couple min and heard a Fine Arts group, (beautiful) pianist, and (stunning) opera singer rehearsing. it felt so(ul) good to feel such artistry again. goodness, I'm gonna change my topic I think..

"Every perfect work is the death mask
of its intuition.
The work is the death mask of conception." - Walter Benjamin
"...The death mask conjures a fleeting moment: the face frozen in death yet warm with life."

!!!! that was what the book began with! After finally getting the books I needed, I headed straight to Fitness Unlimited for Porson's workshop. shit was craaaazy yo. can't believe Vancity's dance community isn't as well known still. we gotta get on the map man, too much good shit in here haha. I missed Porson's and Donnel's collabo tho:( Bonus' was chiiiiill and Jerome & Ross: cotdamn as always. I hope they use that set for 24/7 or somethin. afterward I got hypothermia from drinking a slurpee and a Starbucks Double Shot outside while waiting for my bus. just kidding. but I was fuhreeeezing. then I arrived home to this. I miss those boys man <3

Too many good things happened today. could I be closer to home?.. *knock on wood**

Love, B

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zeniamarisol. said...

yo! ahah bring me to the music library please!!
like literally, just take out a bunch of random books.