Sunday, December 14

(exasperated sigh)
It's been my goal since forever at random points in my life to blog everyday
despite the kind of day I've had/been having.
I just wanted to write.
About anything: my care-free day, my frusterating test, the lame joke Jessica told me, the stupid drama people come up with, my emo-ness ness, sudden realizations and what not.
But of course, something always gets in the way.
Whether it be lame homework, annoying tiredness, or my stupid forgetful memory, I cannot keep up with myself as well as my supposed simple goal.

But actually, I've reeeally been thinking about it.
Therefore I have come to the conclusion that I simply choose not to write.
& for a while, I've been in deeep 'metacognition' and have been trying to understand why I didn't want to write.
Hlysht did it bug me, haha.
But I chose not to write about the emotional stress that I go through, good or bad.
I don't like dwelling on the shit I got; to see it everyday, to read it everyday.

Today, however, marks history.
...Haha, but I'm not going to tell you what has driven me to this epiphany (sucka). For once in my life, I don't want to know or even think about what your thinking if I were to tell you.

If you can find the revelance of Jericho/ Soo/ fish/ Edmonton? Calgary.../ September 30/ August 24/ December 11 together, than holy fck I guess I've found my soulmate. Reveal yourself!! Haha!