Saturday, December 27

New found love music! Fooled ya!

"Mateo is on a mission to make the world feel again."

“People don’t feel anything anymore..."

"Back in the day, it wasn’t about crazy runs. For example with Donny Hathaway, it was all about his voice and not the beat underneath it. R&B now is all about hollow hip-hop beats and simple melodies, there’s no cleverness to love songs anymore

“I don’t want to be so affected that all I can see is the worst in everything...There’s beauty in the world, but we don’t take the time to notice it"

"If you have a passion or a dream, any road that takes you away from that is taking you away from your true self"

"[For Mateo] it’s all about the vibe, the voice, and of course…the music"

...Spoken like a true artist; a true person.

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Lanie said...

oh yeah, i meant like... quantity wise :) cuz yeah you're right. considering how much all that stuff cost, it's a lot