Wednesday, April 22

Choir Tour '09: bittersweet. mos def updates later on the sweetness once all the pictures are up.

on a side note (i guess an ending note as well), 97 in Genser's class, YE!!!!
now that's a man of his teaching fashooo. every assignment, every essay, every class, heck every prayer initiated for every class i always felt rewarded for the hard work / strains / thinking process / contemplation i had put into everything asked for. haha btw, this is CE 12 (religion class) i be talkin' 'bout. there's no right or wrong answer to whatever efforts you put in. if what you say be earnest and tear jerking so be it. if they be heartless and bs-ed so be it. he lives by this, free of judgements, approaching with interest, intently listening with his eyes and heart.

i f o n l y e v e r y o n e w o u l d l i v e b y t h a t .

think of all the greatness perceived and achieved. almost like heaven, with every moment forever in felicity. the choice of happiness in continuance.

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