Thursday, April 30

don't really know why i'm here, blogging, with barely anything to say at all. i don't feel compelled to write nor do i feel like i have something to say. super chill day today, nothing exciting or blog-worthy has taken place as of yet. i'm not lazy either. there's some sort of boundless vacancy within me right now, filling in the cracks of my empty thoughts and senseless agitation. kind of feeling, more so hoping for some sort of enlightenment . . . i'm not really worried about anything too. that's a first. currently in a loss of words. continually in search for words to explain the bare essential of my nothingness at the moment.

and still, i'm thankful for this. i've been in this state for a few days now, & i don't feel worthless at all. despite my "dull brain" in lit / eng class, the beginnings of my day.

mellow and beautifully amazing at the same time. i guess that just about covered it.
i think that's where i'm at right now. hmm.

take care of that beauty of yours.

Sincerely, B

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