Sunday, May 3

before I get tired & my dad kicks me off !!!

gooooood good good day today. first free weekend since January 17th, 2009 (not exaggerating). shoot, i'm on a roll; knock on wood for tomorrow**

shoot, i've been really good with my time in the morning these days. but anyway, began the day with work... ugh... wasn't too bad actually! haha, i guess my new (to me) manager isn't so bad either but i still want to quit. i'm tired of that place, i literally can see nothing in my future there, its not fun anymore; such a waste of time.

soooo!!... i went job hunting! kind of. dropped off my resume at JJ Bean down Main, HAHA! yes i know, another coffee shop. but i love being a barista, continually gives me something to do. which is EXACTLY what i need. haha. + its fun making / creating your own drinks! turns out the manager had already hired a bunch of new kids but he still asked for my resume. i managed to squeeze in that i have experience "since i came from work" and that i want to quit "for a new environment" ha haaaaa... omg! i forgot to introduce myself:$ i knew he was staring at me dead in the eye for sumfin!=(

went up and down Main checking out the craazy independent stores, whatever you call them. consignment stores? a few of them were. the word's on the tip of my tongue, hopefully you get what i'm talking about. [on an aside, Marvin dropped his stuff off at Front the other day! shooooot, i dont know what the verdict is but i hope i hope they liked it] if i were to stay in Van, i'd want to live there man, Main and Broadway ish area. soo so chill, its like waterd-down Downtown but in a good way. ah, my vocab is lacking... Ark and Jonathan & Olivia had some dope steeze! too bad for the holes in my pockets:(

headed to downtown to check out some other places. eneded up just walking 'round Robson. yoo dude, didn't know there was an upstairs to Plenty... GG. "hey.. where's all the Stussy at?.." there ya go ahaaaa. El Kartel had quite a few things on my list. stopped by Spring and saw Shay. hope the rest of her shift turned out better. visited Jo, she said i looked like a bgirl:$ got her in trouble again. she told me it would be alright if i talk to her while she folded Ed Hardy and R&R's! haha, there goes my chances of working there=\ she vented, i vented. in McDicks. how classic haha. was on my way to check out Urban Outfitters but ran into Jp. more like, he ran to me on purpose!!! hahahaha. i miss him! caught up on the way home...

until i got a random call from my brother! inviting me to go watch Wolverine with him and Anna! heart to heart cut short, all worth while. snuck me in cus all 3 of us were broke ass haha. DOOOOPE DOPE MOVIE KIDS. ryan raynolds (L) hugh jackman was preeeetty...buff too, aha. sigh, nostalgic memories of comic books, action figures & cartoons / tv series (L) don't ask why its nostalgic. headed to DQ for some ice cream and fries. and it was raining!! AND ME AND ANNA WERE TOTALLY NOT PREPARED! she was in summer clothes with her Jesus sandals while i had a freaking thin grey cardigan and a white T:.. we ran the (long ass) block though hahahaha.

funnest part of the night was after the whole shablam on the way home. ugh, we (more like i) were so grumpy cus we had to bus home in the rain. this calls for us to walk a block and a bit cus our house is just so central to transit (sarcasm intended). all of a sudden, it started to rain even harder!!!! MIGHT AS WELL HAVE BEEN A STORM. it was like freaking Noah's arc up in thur meeeng. so i wore my backpack backwards so that my white t wouldn't get wet and expose my black bra. haha. hella tried to maintain a fetal position standing up (if that makes sense) cus i was soooo coold!! OH! as if the rain itself wasnt enough, THERE WAS A BIG GUST OF WIND THAT LASTED FOR 5 FREAKING MINUTES DEMOLISHING MY ALREADY BROKEN UMBRELLA AND FLEW MY HAT OFF. my hair was so drenched, i felt so hopeless and i was actually freaking scared!! i mean... my hair was drenched in seconds, i was so amazed at the weather's crazy mood swings. ha ha ha. my brother turned around to see if i was alright (i think) and he just laughed. and that made me even more scared. i mean amazed. haha. so i yelled at him to freaking run faster!! aaaand we stepped into a bunch of puddles. aaaand i was so cold and wet that i didn't close the gate (which is important to my family, don't ask. i don't even know why). haha, and then we took pictures of the aftermath, LOL!! " 'April showers bring May flowers'... Where in the HELL are the flowers, MAY??!!?!" shoot, i was so grumpy, lol.

despite all else (as said by my twitter) : running in the RAIN / WIND in a CARDIGAN, WHITE T, VANS, & SKINNIES with a LA HAT on while using a BROKEN UMBRELLA was so much fun. LOL !!

got home and youtube youtube youtube. while talking to Newbs! & yes she's still up! proud of you homegirl! LOL!!


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cas said...

Shooot eh?

haha glad you had a good weekend. Hope you get the job at jj!