Wednesday, May 27

despite my sickness in the face due to congestion from the more than a cold
despite my broken jaw of mine own Kingdom
despite my frailties and how often i immerse myself in them
despite my selective hearing / vision / errthang that i use as a scapegoat day in, day out
despite my lack of focus that bites me in the ass time and time again
despite my failure and fear of it
despite my tears that i bury under my transparent thick lensed glasses
despite my yearning just to be something better for me & something more for you
despite my my pessimistic vibe and careless attitude
despite my love to pursue a challenge and the danger that creeps behind it

despite all this and more, i still managed to witness something beautiful. but it was the beauty of realizing what i had almost lost as well as what i know i'll have to let go of all too soon.

Tony Araujo your musicality scares me. scares me because your honesty reflects mine.. so as we mirror each other and make music, i make my world crash down to nothing. nothing because everything becomes meaningless and of no value. nothing because you always have the exact touch that mingles me and my First Love together once again. you allow me to continually go back

go back to where i came from
to why i do this
to when i loved this
to how i hold on to this

pretty soon, i'm going to graduate and i'll never be able to hear your aristry ever again. pretty soon i'll never get to feel love returned resulting from such artistry always given back. pretty soon i'll never have the blessed oppurtunity of simply hearing you play so musically ever again.

excuse my tears from rehearsal, i was just soaking it all in.


Special K said...

now you know how i feel.

zeniamarisol. said...

!!!! I think im gonna miss choir..