Saturday, May 30

apologies for my fragmented thoughts

last Spirit Alive Gala Concert ever. wow, i think i'm still missing some words in the title hahah. i guess we'll see how it goes, while miiiilking it all the way through (i hope). no more room for bitterness, Ms. Snappy. no use in anything that wasn't of me before these rough moments of my Life, highschool life, my life after there was Love. be as immature as please kids, it's our last show anyway i'm sure that means of no significance to many of you.

thank you to those who understood / still understand. i wish the rest of you did, but we'll see better days... thank you thank you for coming out & not scoffing behind my back upon inviting you to the last day of my Life. like i mentioned in proceeding posts, forever in my Heart.

in Your hands, in your hands.

this one's for You.

1 comment:

melissa said...

I'm gonna miss you abbbbeey!
I will try my bestest to make you proud next year, I promise (: