Monday, June 1

i'll be writing the longest post of my life by at least mid-June. ride with me as i rage through the my last 11/12 days of highschool... i'll have lots to write about forsure.

for now, follow me on twitter!! haha, they're like one-lined blogs?=) "it's like talking to yourself" HAHAHA! so true. but i update quite regularly now. harsh converted man. haha.

i must get back to my stupid history test and writing YET ANOTHER choral scholarship essay cus apparently, the last one wasn't the right one!!:@:@:@:@:@ all-nighter #4? maybeh! i slaved two nights over the last one though, i'm pretty mad Araujo!! SO.. this means i should get started.

once more, breathe easy & enjoy the sun!!!! :):):):):)
i'll be back in a bit.

Love, B

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