Thursday, June 25

"all this inspiration and NOWHERE to put it !!!!!!!" is daym right. this summer, i'm going to try my very best to take at least two classes a week. depending on the cash flow of course, gotta start saving up for school, future dance, more trips with SickSTLZ, b i l l s , etc.

got a jump start by taking Jomee's class yesterday at FG and Kuyopet's class at Harbour today. wow are these two f/ckin dope. both of you step up everytime i come man, such a crazy joy to watch and experience. i'm so so honored for sure. Jerome taught a sweet set to Sterling Sims' 'Nasty Girl'. though it took a lot of convincing, so happy that i went. the studio at Fresh Groove was so packed, it was like a freaking sauna in there. even the mirrors were fogging up! so nast! crazy how a bunch of kids outside of FG came down as well: KTL, SickSTYLZ, cats from Toronto.

freaking, Jp's class was murda too. i dont care if you dont agree with me. taught a new kind of thang to a remix of Lady Gaga's 'Just Dance'. soo different, eh?! dope none the less (stup up Jp). don't worry bud, you'll find your style soon. keep tapping into that openness. keep creating something foreign from your own, haha.

since we're on the topic of dance, holy cow has youtube sucked me in lately. :( can't believe i'm letting technology get to me, but this new laptop sure is to blame. i can watch vids of all sorts now (unlike my other hurting comp):D shooot.. check this boy out:

"my new (LB) dancer crush! lol" this guy's nuuuuuts. 15 years old! what a let down on soooo many levels, aha.

hung out with Jp after his class today at Simply Delicious. man i love that place. check that out too on down on Main Street suckas. "good AND cheap" LOL! miss that dude. thanks for always looking out for me (L). didn't get to tell him (since i was so absorbed in hearing his own life as a dancer), i really really want to take advantage of my time / body/ errthang as a dancer. career? not so sure yet. but mos def gonna do all i can to figure that out. all i know is.. i love it way too much.

on another note, so excited for tomorrow! get to see Zen and Cristina AND Moonda after how many days?! haha, haven't gotten used to not seeing them everyday.. i guess i'm excited to see Daniel too AHA! kidding bro, love you too. gonna check out Corpus one last time before i officially decide if i wanna start my post-secondary life there. then Transformers 2? maybeh? maybeh. then work, ugh. what kind of shift starts at 6:30?! ending at 10:30?! AT NIGHT?! w/e, easy money aha.

ttyl loves. the weather's getting better, i promise. kill the weather reports other wise. :)

Love, B

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patthedog said...

Ian eastwood met anne and had a crush on her. Whatta guuuy.