Tuesday, June 23

haha, well maybe my day didn't turn out so crazy, but definitely not so bad either. first REAL day at work today considering how i pretty much worked 2 9am-1 Saturday morning shifts a month. shoot, i thought it'd be a hella looong day since i'm not used to mid-day shifts yet, but 1-8 went by even quicker than my stupid Saturday mornings. probably cus i actually had stuff to do, aha. there's literally nothing to do on Saturdays ESPECIALLY in the mornings: there's no cleaning (done the night before) and no customers (we're surrounded by banks and businesses). sorry! i'm rambling again:S headed down to my brother's work so that i could get a ride home. i even started cleaning at his store (haha, we both work at Starbucks). like old times. aha for serious, if i'm at a Starbucks and i really know the people, i start working too, hahah! moms picked us up, bumbed around for a bit, now i'm here.

this morning, i was reading my horoscope. i chuckled to myself cus this one was legit too except the timing was meant for today. aha it claimed that i should set goals for myself, something like that. i actually thought this up last night and then once more half way through my shift. BUT.. i shall jot them down tomorrow. haha. i got work at 7, so i'm up in 5. + i'm way more tired now, considering the hour. geeesh, like old times. see? timing's a little off haha. but oh well!:)

goodnight until tomorrow!

love, B

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