Wednesday, June 10

eff man, my tummy is kiiilling me:( i wanted to do a hefty blog today, but literally can't. when i have cramps, i die. haha=( but today in my last english class with Nannery, she had us share with everyone where we thought we'd be 10 years from now. all i said was that i plan to be California. haha. i was just so happy with simply being able to share my dream that i didn't elaborate + she doesn't like the the idea of the 'American dream' or the fact that i apparently haven't even picked a particular part of Cali that i'd like to lie in, so she just moved on, haha. but actually, in detail..

10 years from now..
at age 28, i'll be living in California in sunny sunny Irvine (look it up, its daym beautiful). since i'm not too clear on what i'd like to do as of right now, i'll still be in school in UCI Berkley getting my Masters in English or Psychology. if anything, i reeeally hope i'll still be dancing as well trying to pay for my tuition, haha. "a dancer's life is very short" & i plan on taking full advantage of it. maybe i'll be like Rino or Teresa Espinosa: still dancing, still dope at it, still healthy, still.. wow. haha! shiiii. i hope to at least be married with (at least) thoughts on having a kid in the near future. haha, i'd like to have at least one kid, but it's hard to tell with how our current generation is going: marrying in their late 20's / early 30's. heck, maybe i'll be an established youtube artist, HAHA! actually, that's more like 5 years from now...

a graand grand dream of mine is to live in England actually, somewhere in Europe. i'd like to take my Masters at Oxford while finding me a nice English man! haha:$ half kidding. i'd reeeally like to go to Oxford though.. i'll probably be more of a pro singer with a record deal an' aaall dat.. like Adele:$:$:$ or like Tatyanna Ali! juggling Harvard and Fresh Prince and the singing deal. i guess we'll see =)

& in exactly 10 hours from now, i'll be heading down to the Church to do our last Mass at St. Pat's. scary how that lines up with what i was writing in the proceeding paragraph.

my tummy is seriously getting to me. i'm supposed to be finished working on my gift to Araujo:'( sorry Moonda, mine's going to be late..

Love B

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