Monday, June 8

snap, what a HUGE success!! made a grand total of $1923. give it up for your administrative assistant (though my ACTUAL admin JB eft his station TO ME every now and then). lol. thank you thank you to all who came out to support us this year: OHJOY Ice Cream, DJ Adlib, respectfuls from FG, Harbour Dance, T-Dot, Victoria, family, friends and dancers alike.. much much love.

dude, someone play ninja with me. funniest shit ever !!!!!!
i love just watching, HAHAHAHAH!

btw, just realized a couple moments ago that this week is my last week of highschool. shiiiiiii nigga! & how lovely, chamber every damn morning. s'all good in this hood, one more week to bear it all out. thank you Jesus for all the blessings.

why am i swearing so much. just had a two hour nap but i'm still so tired! probsssly why. i'll go wash my mouth after i brush my teef.

bear with me.

Love, B

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